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Work with MUD

MUD can be mobilized to help plan, promote, or host your event. Services include: 

·      Conceptualizing your event;

·      Framing your event for broad public consumption, and/or targeting specific audiences;

·      Developing custom video promotion to push out across social media channels and media

·      Crafting a press release and pursuing placements in publications;

·      Assisting with website content and messaging;

·      Writing, designing and distributing print materials;

·      Developing and pursuing creative grassroots promotion strategies to access key demographics,
       and amplify your message;

·      Providing music suggestions and/or recruitment;

·      Offering brainstorms on other creative/experiential details;

·      Day-of event production logistics, video and photography;

·      Post-event promotion.


Get in touch at or 802-388-6124.  

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